Sunday, April 15, 2012

Help me choose a book cover

More shenanigans with book covers. The good news is that I found a fantastic image thanks to a talented shutterbug named Max Jänicke(check out his work at rawimage).

The bad news is that I've spent so much time fussing and dickering with this that I can't see straight anymore, let alone objectively decide which one works better.

So, what do you think? If you saw this on a book shelf, which one cover would entice you to pick it up?

                 A                                                                                 B


  1. I like B better because it shows more of the photo which has a great menacing atmosphere. Also in bookcover A, the yellow lettering collides the the blue and I don't care for it. Just my thoughts.

  2. B - I prefer the darkness of monochrome B, I also prefer the book title more prominent than the author's name on books. The power lines show up better on the green. I think the yellow on blue is a bit too bright and cheery for the title. I think you could use a slightly smaller black version of the Tim McGregor font from A at the top of B. I like the proper small "c" McGregor better then all caps. I think the horizon looks better at the half way mark or you could make the horizon even higher in B, like at the 1/3 sky, 2/3 black rule of visual arts.

  3. Wow. Thanks so much, Maurey. That's tons helpful.

  4. I agree. B is my choice also. The Color scheme makes it look more ominous. Btw, I just finished bad wolf. Amazing. You did a great job whither it. Are you working on a conclusion or was that it for the story. I especially liked the dynamics between the chief and John and lara. Can't wait for this new book.

    Kevin Rowlands

  5. I too would choose "B" because it's easier for me to read the title. The yellow is blurred for me on "A" and my eyes, thus my fingers, pass right over it. "B" makes me stop and wonder what the book is about.

    And like Kevin, I too hope you write a sequel to Bad Wolf.

  6. Thanks so much, Julie and Kevin, for your input. It helps. I'm working on the Bad Wolf sequel now that the new book is almost done.